Preloved Fashion is the game changer of Fashion Industry says Punit Anand, Founder Luxury Pop Please share a few details about your journey? What made you start the brand Luxury Pop?

It started in 2015 when I noticed how I could cleanse my closet by reselling previous season’s designer bags.

There was a gap between luxury and affordability back then. This gave birth to the idea of ​​Luxurypop, an online luxury resale platform with guaranteed authenticity alongside offering a sustainable approach to luxury fashion. I started by reaching out to family and friends first and now we have an online organic community of 42k followers on Instagram and 3000 plus members on the site. I still remember, our first sale was our friend’s Louis Vuitton bag to a lawyer from Delhi.

What is the pain point that the brand is looking to solve?

At first, we thought we would face the challenge of social stigma attached to purchasing a preloved piece, but to our sweet surprise, the concept took off much faster. The main challenge is brand awareness and convincing people that they could resell their (no more ) used designer pieces on Luxurypop. As the concept became more popular through word of mouth and social media, we would also come across some customers who would demand an unreasonable quote for their items. Hence our marketing techniques include spreading awareness of a sustainable and circular lifestyle, where you reduce your carbon footprint each time you buy or sell preloved luxury fashion.

Which are the markets that you cater to?

Being a second-hand luxury marketplace, we cater to all kinds of markets demographically, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore being more dominant. Many people have turned to preloved luxury during the pandemic. Due to social media, we have been able to reach all kinds of audiences all over India.

The Fashion Industry is ruled by many big players. How do you plan to carve a niche for yourself and stand out?

We have always prioritised a 100% satisfactory customer experience by focusing on our inventory curation, authentication, offering the most competitive prices, and constantly trying to market in unique ways. Our aim is to build a trustworthy and fun community experience rather than just a buying and selling platform. We try to connect with them through social media where the younger generation is more vocal about sustainable fashion.

What are your future goals and plans?

Future goals involve extensive brand awareness marketing globally. We have recently included preloved Indian and International designer wear where one can resell their once worn designer bridal lehenga and one can buy one at a fraction of its retail price on our platform. We are also looking at improving the user shopping and selling experience online and offline and collaborating with luxury brands for resale.


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