5 Australian fashion people share their in-flight essentials

“I simply love to relish in a self-indulgent ritual when on a long-haul flight.”

After two years without travel, the possibility we’ve forgotten how to do it is very high. While many of us have started packing (or already left) for our European trips, Bali vacations and interstate travel plans, some nuggets of advice from frequent fliers never go astray.

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Though it’s often part of the fun figuring things out as you go along – in my books it is, anyway – being prepped for your travels is always a smart idea. In preparation for my very own European summer fantasy, I asked some of my favourite fashion people to divulge their in-flight essentials.

Izzy Wight, Fashion Journal’s Editorial Assistant

After recently enduring a 14-hour flight from Melbourne to LA, I was reminded of the importance of a well-packed carry-on bag. I’ll admit: I’m a chronic overpacker. But when it comes to in-flight essentials , you can never be too prepared. Usually choosing to opt out of makeup, I’ll always have AirPods, a silk eye mask (feels nice and cool on the peepers), comfortable hair ties, a hydrating facial mist of sorts (this one from Glow Recipe is great), a solid moisturiser (I love this Kiehls one) and my Kindle in my seat pocket.

As we know, airplanes are notorious moisture-sucking machines so internal (water) and external (skincare) hydration is important. Also I love an IRL novel as much as the next reader, but with a Kindle I can load up multiple books from different genres to flick between. I get restless and carrying a small library in my backpack is unfortunately impractical.


Yasmin Suteja, producer, founder and director of Culture Machine

Whenever I fly, I make sure that I take my skincare on the flight with me. I put my essentials in a zip lock bag so that it’s easy to go through the scanner when they check for liquids. My skin gets really dry on a flight , so I’ll apply an oil and/or moisturiser every couple of hours. I usually take cleaning pads too so that my skin is clean and fresh before adding any oils.

I also make sure to stay hydrated. I take a water bottle on with me and try to make sure I’m drinking through the flight. I also always choose my seats before I fly – I always choose an aisle seat so I can easily get to the toilet without having to climb over someone. Also, one of the best things I did was sign up as a Qantas Frequent Flyer. I’ve accumulated points through the years which has got me to gold status.

I have bag tags that mean my bags come off first, I get to use the Qantas lounge and bring a friend (game changer!) and it automatically includes 30kg of luggage in any booking! The phone app is really easy to use and generally gives me updates to the minute regarding flight and gate changes. I can also easily change my steps and add baggage.


Ella Taverner, Fashion Journal’s Partnerships and Campaign Manager

Pre-flight, whether I’m heading interstate or overseas, I ALWAYS refer back to this master packing list I discovered online about seven years ago. I’m notoriously disorganised, so this makes packing ridiculously easy. I have a tendency to get travel sick, so I always keep a pack of ginger tablets close by to take throughout the flight. I find they’re the only thing that really helps to settle my stomach.

In terms of beauty, I simply love to relish in a self-indulgent ritual when on a long-haul flight. I’ll usually apply an overnight mask, like this one from Glow Recipe, while I watch Love Actually for the 78th time. Other favourites include the This Works lavender roller, a tube of Lanolips, Ultraceuticals Ultra Calming Moisturiser and Kiehls eye cream. Add a pair of warm, fluffy socks and you’re set.


Sam Todd, designer for The Volt

When it comes to travelling, I’m a serial over-packer and I always have to pay the price for it (literally)! So now I make a Word Document to accompany my itinerary, with a pre-planned outfit for every day suitable for the occasion or activity – that way I know I’m only bringing things that are practical and I’m actually going to wear. It’s been life-changing!

I have no shame when I’m on a plane. My favourite thing to do is a sheet mask (I love the ones from Go-To) followed by a full gua sha routine! Gua sha is something I wish I had time to do more often, so it’s an easy way to kill an hour on a plane. Once I’ve finished that, I do my full skincare routine and then it’s normally time for a nap.


Cait Emma Burke, Fashion Journal’s Digital Editor

I’m not sure many people would agree with me, but I think airports are kind of fantastic. I love browsing the selection of magazines (I’ll usually grab an international Vogue to read on the plane) and spending as long as possible in duty-free trialling an absurd number of perfumes. I also enjoy the process of packing my carry-on essentials, particularly for a long-haul flight. I have a really handy clear Mecca makeup bag which makes going through security a breeze. Even when I’m not high up in the air in a tin tube full of recycled air, I’m a preternaturally dry person, so travel can be a bit hellish if I don’ t maintain my hydration levels.

In my makeup bag I keep Dr Lipp lip balm, Conserving Water facial wipes (they dissolve in water, truly the smartest/coolest invention), a tube of Cerave moisturiser, a Go-To sheet mask, Sunday Riley eye cream, Go-To’s hyaluronic acid, a hydrating face mist (currently loving this one from Cultured) and a hand cream of some sort. Usually, I’ll throw in my Nars concealer, Hourglass brow pencil, Milk Lip and Cheek mini and my favourite product of all- time – the RMS Magic Luminizer, because it instantly makes you look fresh, glowy and well-rested.

This might seem like a lot of products, and I know most people are adamant they would never bother with makeup while travelling, but I’m not blessed with naturally clear skin, and I enjoy a little pep me up before disembarking the plane. I also just really love products, and find it comforting to have them with me. Aside from beauty stuff, I’ll always have a fully charged pair of AirPods, a Kindle, a silky eye mask, hand sanitiser, a warm pair of socks and some gum and mints, too.

For tips on how to look after your skin on a long-haul flight, try this.

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