I’m a fashion pro – Eight ways to make your cheap clothes look more expensive

TRY these eight ways to make your cheap clothes look more expensive, according to a viral fashion expert.

Fashion YouTuber, Shea Whitney, gave away her secrets to an affordable yet sophisticated wardrobe. Follow these tips if you want to elevate your closet without breaking the bank


Try these eight ways to make your clothes look more expensiveCredit: YouTube / Shea Whitney
Make sure you are wearing the right patterns and colors to get the most out of your closet


Make sure you are wearing the right patterns and colors to get the most out of your closetCredit: YouTube / Shea Whitney

For her first tip, Shea said to be mindful of the colors in your outfit.

Too many vibrant colors in one piece of clothing can make it look cheap, even if you spend a lot of money on the item.

Another tip from this fashion pro is to wear neutral patterns if you want your clothes to look more expensive.

Steer clear of classic prints that have been ruined by odd pops of color, because this can cheapen the look.

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For those of you who are going for a professional look, Shea warns you to look out for droopy buttons on blazers.

A blazer can be moderately priced or expensive, but if the buttons aren’t sewed on tight enough, they will droop, leaving you with a cheap look.

If you do find a great clothing deal but the buttons are droopy, you can resew them on yourself, to give it a more expensive look.

Let’s move onto accessories. Shea reminds you that the tone of jewelry can make or break your look.

Some fake gold necklaces can look really yellow and brassy, ​​which you will want to avoid.

Try to keep an eye out for affordable jewelry that matches the tone of your more expensive pieces.

When shopping for cardigans, look out for the type of material it’s made out of. Watch out for pilling. This is when lint balls form on the fabric of your clothes.

Pilling makes your clothes look cheap even if you just bought it off the rack.

Instead look for a tightly woven cardigan or sweater, for a more expensive appearance.

If you are buying a dress, make sure you find one with a fitted, designer look to it.

Quality material, small designs that accentuate your body, and crisp lines will make your dress look way more expensive.

If you are looking to buy a nice pair of denim shorts, make sure to get the right wash. A dirty tone to denim can make your shots look cheap even if you paid a lot of money for them.

When shopping for jeans, it’s ok to splurge, but you can also find cheaper versions of jeans that look expensive as long as they fit the curves of your body nicely.

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