WWE Smackdown Live Coverage (07/22)

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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show is coming to you live in Atlanta, GA, with Pat McAfee and Michael Cole on commentary. The camera shows the various weapons set up around the ring for the Old Fashion Donnybrook Street Fight. Drew McIntyre then comes to the ring, but Sheamus attacks him from behind before he can make it to the ring.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus in an Old Fashion Donnybrook Street Fight to go on to the main event of Clash at the Castle

Sheamus tosses McIntyre in the ring and the bell rings to kick off the match. Sheamus delivers a right hand to McIntyre’s chest, but McIntyre fires back with a clothesline and a chop. Sheamus grabs the shillelagh and clubs McIntyre. McIntyre tosses Sheamus to the outside , then over the commentary desk. Sheamus fires back by sending him into the ring steps and gloats. He tosses McIntyre back into the ring and sets up a table against the barricade near the timekeeper’s area before getting back into the ring and hitting him with a shillelagh. He gives McIntyre the 10 Beats with the shillelagh, then the two men spill to the outside. Sheamus looks for a suplex through the table he had previously set up, but McIntyre reverses it with one of his own on the floor. He bounces Sheamus off the ring post, then the steps and the barrels that had already been set up on the outside.

Back from the break, Sheamus has the upper hand and is using the shillelagh to try and break McIntyre’s jaw. McIntyre escapes and Sheamus delivers a vertical suplex. He grabs a chair from the timekeeper’s area and hits McIntyre in the back with it. He sets the chair up in the corner and gets McIntyre up on his shoulders. McIntyre escapes and sends Sheamus into the chair face first. McIntyre hits a couple of short-handed clotheslines, followed by a neck breaker. He kips up and heads to the timekeeper’s area to grab a half dozen chairs. McIntyre gets back in the ring and Sheamus throws a chair straight into his face. He looks for the White Noise on the chairs, but McIntyre counters and delivers the Future Shock DDT on the pile instead. He goes for a pin, but Sheamus kicks out. Ridge Holland comes in the ring and hits McIntyre with a shillelagh. Sheamus uses the distraction to his advantage and hits a knee. He goes for a pin, but McIntyre kicks out. McIntyre levels Holland by sending him into the ring post, then suplexes him through the table that was set up earlier near the time keeper’s area.

Back from another break, Sheamus and McIntyre teeter on the top turn buckle. Sheamus sets McIntyre upside down, but McIntyre pulls him off the top turn buckle. He looks for the Claymore Kicks, but Sheamus moves out of the way and hits an Alabama Slam . He goes for a pin, but McIntyre kicks out. Sheamus kicks McIntyre out of the ring and follows. He eyes the mini bar near the commentary desk with alcohol and family pictures. McIntyre reverses it and sends Sheamus into the bar twice.

Out of nowhere, Butch flies off one of the barrels in the corner. Sheamus hits McIntyre with one of the barstools, then tosses him back in the ring. He gets McIntyre up on his shoulders, then climbs up to the top turn buckle. He hits the White Noise, then goes for a pin but McIntyre kicks out. Butch grabs a giant shillelagh and gives it to Sheamus. McIntyre delivers a Glasgow Kiss, then grabs the shillelagh and hits Butch with it. McIntyre hits him with the Claymore Kick before Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick. He goes for a pin, but McIntyre kicks out. The crowd cheers ‘this is awesome’ as Sheamus gets fired up for another Brogue Kick. He charges at McIntyre, but he catches him and power bombs him through a table set up in the ring. Sheamus crawls to the giant shillelagh, but McIntyre takes advantage of it and hits a Claymore Kick to Sheamus’ surprise to go on to the main event at Clash of the Castle.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Kayla Braxton joins McIntyre in the ring and says his win must feel pretty good ahead of the Last Man Standing WWE Championship match at Summerslam. McIntyre thanks Atlanta and apologizes to Sheamus. McIntyre says someone has to take the title off the“ part time champions”. Theory comes out of nowhere and attacks McIntyre with the Money In The Bank briefcase to massive boos, hitting him repeatedly on the back.

We then head to a video showing Happy Corbin attacking Pat McAfee at the commentary desk last week. We go back to ringside where Corbin comes through the audience with a sign that has McAfee’s mugshot and the word ‘loser’ underneath. He shows that he bought a ticket and sits behind the commentary desk.

Back from the break, Corbin yells at McAfee to do his job. We head to a video of the events after the tag team main event on “Raw” this week. Cole reminds audiences that Riddle has been medically disqualified from Summerslam as McAfee and Corbin yell over Cole while he tries to run down the commentary card.

Corbin continues to yell at McAfee and he throws his popcorn into his face. Officials come down and try to remove Corbin from ring side. Corbin low blows McAfee and laughs.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Theory and Kayla Braxton. He says that he attacked McIntyre because he is sick of being treated like a punching bag. He says he will be the new United States Champion tomorrow and that everyone is jealous of him (specifically the babyfaces). He says that no one will stop him from cashing in his briefcase to become the new WWE Champion. Paul Heyman approaches him and grabs him by the shoulders.

Back at the ring, Shotzi is in the ring. Aliyah follows her as commentary announce that Lacey Evans is not medically cleared to compete.

Shotzi vs. Aliyah

The bell rings and the two lock up. Aliyah sends Shotzi to the mat, then delivers a bunch of right hands. Shotzi throws Aliyah to the mat and tells Aliyah she is her daddy. She chokes Aliyah on the ropes, then locks in a Boston Crab. Aliyah escapes and delivers a boot to Shotzi’s face. Aliyah hits a few right hands, followed by a kick to her midsection. Shotzi heads to the outside and Aliyah hits a meteora off the apron. Shotzi sends Aliyah into the ring post, then tosses Aliyah back in the ring. Shotzi hits Aliyah with the Never Wake Up for the win.

Winner: Shotzi

We to a video of the events between Raquel Rodriguez, Sonya Deville and Ronda Rousey. We head to Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey doing a photo shoot. Natalya walks in and says Rousey will destroy Morgan at Summerslam tomorrow. Deville walks in and calls Rousey weak before Rousey walks off. Back at ringside, Shotzi laughs on the mic. Rousey’s music hits and she angrily comes out to the ring. The two face off and Rousey hits Piper’s Pit on Shotzi. She tells her ‘bye’ and grabs the mic. She calls Morgan out to the ring and looks to fight her.

Back from the break, Morgan’s music hits. Morgan comes down to the ring with her title and high fives the crowd in prepreation for their tag team match. Their opponents Sonya Deville and Natalya follow them as commentary announce the commercial was made during the break.

Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey vs. Natalya and Sonya Deville

Rousey and Natalya begin the action. The bell rings and Rousey sends Natalya to the mat with an arm drag. Natalya locks in an arm submission, but Rousey escapes and the two exchange submissions. Rousey gains the upper hand and tags in Morgan. Morgan delivers a hurricanrana to Natalya. Natalya tags in Deville and Deville delivers a series of kicks to Morgan. Morgan delivers a dropkick, followed by a running knee. Rousey makes the blind tag and show some tension. Rousey looks for the ankle lock, but Deville escapes out of the ring. Morgan makes a blind tag and the two show more tension. Deville takes advantage and sends her into the barricade. She tosses Morgan back in the ring and tags in Natalya. Natalya sends Morgan out of the ring through the middle rope and delivers a suplex on the outside. We head to a commercial.

Back from the break, Deville and Morgan are in the ring. Deville has the upper hand and sends Morgan’s head into the top turn buckle. Deville delivers a knee to Morgan’s face and tags in Natalya. Natalya sends Morgan into the mat, but Morgan delivers a code breaker. She could tag in Rousey but she decides to go for a pin, and Natalya kicks out. Deville tag in and beats Morgan down. Morgan hits a step up insiguri and refuses to make the hot tag to Rousey.

Natalya tags in and delivers a discus clothesline. She goes for a pin, but Morgan kicks out. Morgan sends Natalya into the middle turn buckle and Rousey tags herself in. Rousey delivers a knee to Deville, then delivers the Piper’s Pit. She looks for the arm bar, but Natalya makes the save. Morgan takes Natalya out and Rousey locks in the Ankle Lock for the win.

Winners: Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey

After the match, the two face off with one another. The Street Profits come to the ring before we head to a commercial.

Back from the break, the Usos head to the ring.

Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match at Summerslam – Referee Instructions are established

Jeff Jarrett comes after them in his referee shirt and says he has something to say. He says he thought it would be good for the five of them to get together and talk about some things. The four men take shots at one another and ask what qualifies as a disqualification. Jarrett says they have creative imaginations and says he isn’t there to contain them. He says his only job is to count to three and says they are welcome to jump one another. The Profits charge at the Usos and fire some forearms at them. They beat them down with kicks, but the Usos fire back. Jey goes a superkick, but he accidentially hits Jarrett. They check on Jarrett and ask if he’s okay. Jarrett pushes the two brothers before Dawkins sends them out of the ring. Ford flies over the top rope to take them out.

We then go to a video of the feud between the Viking Raiders and the New Day. New Day then comes to the ring and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break, we head backstage to Maxxine Dupri.

Maxxine Dupri Will Debut Maximum Male Models 2022 Beachwear Line

Ma.çé has a bright blue crop tank top with navy shorts and blue eyeliner. Mån.sôör has on the same thing, but in dark blue. Max Dupri and says that they are still seeking models as Maxxine says they are there to ‘titillate the juices of your guilty pleasures’.

Back from the break, Viking Raiders come to the ring.

The New Day vs. The Viking Raiders

Woods and Erik begin the action. The bell rings and the two men go at it right away. Erik delivers a shoulder tackle and Woods tags in Kingston. Kingston delivers a lateral press, then goes for a pin but Erik kicks out. Ivar tags in and the two double team on Kingston. Erik tags back in and delivers a right hand to Kingston’s midsection. Kingston fights back and Ivar makes the blind tag. Ivar tosses Kingston to the outside and pancakes him off the barricade.


* Paul Heyman will address the WWE Universe

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