Only Murders In The Building Dives Into Mabel’s Past In The Latest Episode

Flashing back to another Halloween, we see an “X-Files”-obsessed young Mabel angry that her dad — now clearly stricken with cancer — can’t trick-or-treat with her because he’s sick. He’s apologetic, but it doesn’t t do much to quell the young girl. In the present, Mabel washes up in a bathroom at Coney Island before realizing that the sink is full of some debris. You could even call it … glitter. Uh-oh. Before she can snoop too much in the security area, Mabel hears some noises from an interloper. Hiding in a locker, she sees the same black-clad mystery person enter and begin to use a first-aid kit on themselves near the other lockers. (If I may nitpick: in this moment, as far as we know, the mystery person does not believe they’re being tailed, so … why are they still masked?) In her shock, Mabel can’t help but make an accidental noise in the locker, drawing the mystery person’s attention. Though they begin to open the lockers up one by one, getting closer to our heroine, Mabel take s charge and pushes out of her locker right before it’s opened, grabbing her purse on the way and exiting to the main drag. She finds Theo, and grabs him so they can crouch down by a nearby ride and hopefully evade capture.

The gambit works, yet as Theo drives Mabel back into the city, she’s frustrated to find that the matchbook from the nearby diner where Bunny had her last meal has been taken. Charles and Oliver — Mabel sees via their many calls and text communications — are at the same diner, so Theo reroutes them before Mabel sees … well, something that makes her want to get back “right now.” Theo is then called via FaceTime by his dad, but he actively ignores the call. “My dad died when I was 7,” Mabel says. “[My family] wanted to protect me.” We then cut back to a flashback, as her ailing dad is now in a hospital with stomach cancer, very much on death’s door. “I didn’t know how to cope with him dying … so I didn’t.” Mabel explains that seeing her dad in the hospital is how she lost her first memory — she just “flipped the pieces” in her mind of something that was “too much or too difficult,” like her dad dying or Bunny’s body. Basically, anyone either about to die or someone she attacks, sounds like. “I have to flip the pieces now.”

As she does — in her mental bedroom — we learn what I would hope is obvious to most of you: Mabel did not stab Bunny with her knitting needles. In truth, when Mabel re-entered her apartment to get champagne, she saw the mystery killer escaping through her closet (and we now know, through the walls of the Arconia), and Bunny already had the knitting needles deep in her chest. As Theo arrives at the diner, she tries her best to sign a thank-you to him: “Thank you … for stealing … my fish,” which elicits a smile from him. Good try , Mabel. She does note that “pushing things away” doesn’t work for her, which inspires Theo to begrudgingly call his dad back.

Inside the diner, after briefly hugging Charles and Oliver, Mabel reveals what she saw in her purse that was so concerning: a photo of Lucy (Zoe Colletti) and Charles, clearly taken in secret. Charles desperately calls Lucy, finding out that he would ‘ve-been step-daughter is at his place at the moment. That’s good! Then, the call abruptly drops and the power goes out. Because “we’ve got a blackout, people,” as Oliver notes, and it looks to be city-wide. That’s bad.

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