Parachute Pants Are The Latest Element Of Y2K Fashion To Be Resurrected

Parachute pants are getting real new lease on life thanks to the ideas for looks incorporating the pants on social networks. Image: Shutterstock

Another garment from the early 2000s that until very recently seemed to have been totally forgotten is making a comeback: parachute pants. Across TikTok, various examples are being shared as a new must-have for women’s wardrobes. Generation Z isn’t losing interest in the “aughties” for style inspiration; after low-rise jeans and the butterfly motif, it’s the parachute pant that is returning to the spotlight. A passion for the Y2K aesthetic continues to dig out pieces that had been left at the bottom of the closet —and that some of us hoped to never see again! That’s right, none other than the parachute pant—that ultra wide, shapeless garment that you can tighten at the ankles, executed in the unique nylon-like material is being seen on the streets . Since the pandemic and its lockdowns of endless days at home, an increasing number of people—including young people—have been embracing sportswear and comfortable clothes. After all, it can be difficult to put on a pair of skinny jeans or a tig ht dress after months of wearing pajamas and jogging pants. As for these wide-legged pants, while stars like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have been spotted sporting the trend pairing them with a bra or a baggy tee-shirt for a sporty but trendy look , it’s getting its real new lease on life thanks to the ideas for looks incorporating the pants on social networks.

Over on TikTok, the #parachutepants hashtag has racked up more than 38 million views, mainly from users who share their outfits or their finds in various online stores, fast fashion brands or even on second-hand sites. One particular model of the pants seems dominated, that of the brand Jaded London, which is all the rage on the Chinese social network.

Parachute pants are being paired with crop tops and body-con cuts, as well as with very large sweatshirts for a truly loose effect; in fact they go with almost everything, a true sign of a must-have of the moment, easy to wear with all styles and in all kinds of weather. So the return of 2000s fashion is far from over. Which piece will make a comeback next?

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