Where to Find Egg Seed in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To complete the quest “Shock to the System” in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players must search the Cadensia Region for a resource called Egg Seeds.

Shock to the System” is a Standard Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that tasks participants with finding Roccodori Root, Heavy Pomegranate, and Egg Seed. Egg Seeds, in particular, can be moderately tricky to find, especially if players do not know where to begin their search. Nevertheless, locating this quest item will help players fulfill the quest, rewarding them with 3,830 XP, 2,170 Gold, 3 SP, and Platinum Anklets upon completion in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Accordingly, finding Egg Seeds is an endeavor that is well worth the player’s time and effort.

To find Egg Seeds, players will need to reach the Cadensia Region, the land bordering the Keves Castle Region and Swordmarch. As its name implies, the Keves Castle Region is where Keves Castle is located, harboring swarms of enemies. Swordmarch is characterized as an area pierced by the giant sword of Mechonis. Once players arrive in the Cadensia Region, they will need to utilize their boat to traverse across the water to the northern side of the map.


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Egg Seedsin Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are located in the Li Garte Prison Camp, an island in the northwestern portion of the Cadensia Region’s map. The enemies around this location will be Level 47, so players should ensure their party is appropriately leveled in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 beforehand. After arrival, explore the area for small glowing blue nodes on the ground.

Finding Egg Seed In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Finding Egg Seed In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Map Location

When the controlled party member gets close to an Egg Seed, an exclamation will appear, indicating that the node’s resource is the quest item they are looking for. There’s no doubt that this island is the best location for finding Egg Seeds, but players can also encounter the resource in other spots of the Cadensia Region, such as the area by the Agnus Docks.

While “Shock to the System” will likely be the main reason Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fans search for Egg Seeds, players can also use the item for cooking Egg dishes, a type of meal that characters can eat for various benefits. For example, Egg Seeds can also be used to create Crumblecrunch Block Bar or Egg de la Crème, a food that raises the player’s Affinity with Blades. This dish can be made by placing Egg Seeds into a Pot. Additionally, Egg Seeds can be planted and grown into Egg Plants. These items are consumables for party members to grant them extra bonuses and gameplay benefits in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is also possible to find a rare Exotic Egg Seed that can produce an even more valuable plant variant.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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