Why We Need To Say Goodbye To Fast Fashion?

The fashion industry is all about glamour, and being fashionable. Most of the time, it comes at the expense of the environment, especially when it is all about fast fashion. Fast fashion borrows the name from the fast food industry that is all about cheap , in-season and fast-moving products. Fast fashion is trendy, but it is not long lasting. Therefore, it is essential to take care of fast fashion.

Fashion is cheap and disposable, which is why it is a part of modern life, especially amongst the young people who can purchase such items. However, investing in fast fashion is similar to investing in Lottery Sambad and recklessly spending the winning amount after winning the Dhankesari ticket. It might give temporary benefits, but in the long run, it is harmful in several ways.

The Impact Of Fast Fashion

Most fast fashion clothing is designed to last for a short period. Therefore, most of these clothes are thrown away after a short interval of time. Such garments end up in landfill and create nuisances for the environment. Not only does it pollute the land, but it also emits greenhouse gasses. The fashion industry is the second biggest consumer of water. Further, it is responsible for about 9% of global carbon emissions. To give you an idea, this is the carbon emission produced by combined international flights and maritime shipping.

Also, the process involving the creation of fast fashion products results in water pollution and further dries up the water sources. According to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change report, textile emissions will increase by 60% in 2030. Therefore, now is the right time to say goodbye to fast fashion to avoid this damage.

It is common for fast fashion to use synthetic fibres like acrylic, nylon and polyester to create clothes. These fibres generate microplastics that often end up in the ocean. Microplastics are non-biodegradable plastic that can tragically harm the marine ecosystem.

Not only the impact of fast fashion is high on the environment, but also, it has many societal problems. Most fast fashion production occurs in developing countries where there has been evidence of forced and child labour. Now that we know the impact of fast fashion , here are a few ways to engage in a responsible fashion.

Invest In High-Quality Key Pieces Of Clothing

The sure shot way of eliminating fast fashion from life is by investing in high-quality key pieces of clothing. Not only will it last long but also, it ensures that it stays fashionable. The consumer can identify the key pieces of clothing that they wear the most and invest in it to stay fashionable.

Further, one can work out different permutations and combinations to create a wide variety of designs from the key pieces alone. Buy less and always invest in high-quality products.

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