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Longchamp’s signature Le Pliage® gives us more reasons to love it with a new collection called Le Pliage® Re-Play that utilises stocks of leftover canvas to champion no waste.

Consisting of three formats – a spacious vertical tote, a small shoulder bag, and an on-trend belt bag – each bag combines two different colours of end-of-the-roll nylon canvas from a previous production with a third colour of Russian leather trim.

The result is a vibrant collection that comes in nine different colour combinations, and once the stocks of canvas and leather are used up, these bags will not be reproduced, truly making them limited edition pieces that are also environmentally friendly.

During his visit to Kuala Lumpur, we ask Longchamp CEO Jean Cassegrain how the maison has evolved over the years, its journey in promoting no waste and why the Le Pliage® has remained iconic over the years.

The world, and not to mention the fashion world, is constantly evolving. How does Longchamp stay relevant today whilst still maintaining the core values ​​of the brand?

This has been our challenge for the last 70 years. To stay contemporary, up-to-date and relevant. We started making small leather accessories, and now we are making dresses and shoes, so it is quite a change over the years. We do that by continuously listening to our environment and always being in touch with what the customer is looking for. I think the fact that we are a family business also helps us with this, because it tells us to maintain our values ​​despite the changes around the world. Our core values ​​are still there: quality and passion for leather.

Tell us more about Longchamp’s No Waste campaign and how the brand is achieving this?

We are looking at sustainability in our own way, based on what our values ​​are and what we stand for. We are artisans and I think that is a very important point because it sets us apart from many brands. A lot of brands today don’ t make the products, they are more on marketing and move the products from one logistics platform to another. When you do that, sustainability and waste become very abstract. For Longchamp, as manufacturers and artisans, avoiding wasting material is part of what we have always been doing. I think a good artisan has respect for the material he is using and wants to make the best possible use of the leather. We are looking at no waste in a very organic way.

Le Pliage® Re-Play small shoulder bag

The iconic Le Pliage® bag is sustainable and very well received globally. Can you tell us about the materials used and process involved in coming up with the eco-friendly bag?

When my father designed the Le Pliage® bag 30 years ago, the word eco-design did not exist, yet he had it in mind to make a product with good sense. He designed the bags so that they made the best possible use of the canvas. The entire production is extremely simple, you only have three materials: nylon, leather, and zipper. Its simplicity makes it sustainable in design. Now Le Pliage® is made from a canvas that is entirely woven out of recycled polymer and the carbon impact of the bag is 20% less than what it used to be before.

Le Pliage® Re-Play belt bag

Starting off as a leather and luggage group, Longchamp is now a lifestyle brand, what’s the reasoning behind this shift and the brand’s goals in achieving this?

30 years ago, making leather goods was one business and ready-to-wear was another business. Now the two industries have merged, and we must recognise that. We want to be part of that as well. The fashion helps to give life to the collection. It tells the story of the brand.

What are you most excited about this year?

I’m excited for the Le Pliage® Re-Play as it comes in various colours and variations. This collection is part of Longchamp’s DNA as it is playful, colourful, fun and optimistic.

Le Pliage® Re-Play is available now at and Longchamp boutiques: The Gardens Mall, Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC.

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