Fashion Influencer And Visionary Kavita Arora’s Solid Advice To The Youth

“Focus and vision are quintessential to building a sustainable brand”, says fashion influencer Kavita Arora

In the era of influencers abounding on social media channels, it takes real gut and vision to stand above all. It takes commitment towards one’s job to deny freebies and stand for what you think is good. Sounds complex? Fashion influencer and visionary Kavita Arora recently opened up about her vision and why she quit a thriving business model to start from scratch.

Kavita, who envisions a future as a mentor, has this solid advice for the youth. She says that many ask her how to build a profitable brand and she thinks that sustainability comes before profitability. Kavita has crossed several hurdles before reaching where she is today . She put a stop to her thriving business because she thought that she could do better with a different work model. She also wanted to create something that’s go far and wide without needing her to be physically present.

Kavita is a fashion designer who started her journey as a couture designer but moved on to athleisure and loungewear. After doing bridal couture successfully for a few years, Kavita moved to create an eCommerce brand that serves a totally different niche. She thinks that loungewear is something that will never go out of style and thus wishes to create and sell comfortable and trendy loungewear that is beyond ordinary but still very familiar. Something you can wear as your second skin.

Many people offered her sympathy thinking that she has lost a business and is trying something new because of adversities. They found it hard to believe that someone can quit their source of income to build something new from scratch. However, Kavita strongly believes in giving up on the mediocre and doing what feels right. She advises this to others too. To do what they love and focus on their vision instead of sticking to something that doesn’t give as much joy as before or doesn’t align with their vision.

Even in her influencer career, Kavita thinks that she would never want to open boxes of freebies and recommend products she doesn’t connect to. She only talks about stuff that she spends money to buy. All her reviews are a true reflection of her experience with the products. She thinks that the influencer culture gets toxic when you cannot speak your mind and do stuff only for freebies or paid marketing. “When you recommend only because you get paid to do so, your credibility is lost. It is a breach of trust that your followers put in you”, says Kavita, who is giving a new face to influencing.

Such a vision is difficult to come by in today’s world and Kavita is setting a great example for the youth. We hope she achieves all that she envisions and that more people benefit from her positive influence.


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