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PUMA, one of the world’s leading sports brands, launches the “Black Station” project in a day as part of its “Futuregrade” exhibition during the New York Fashion Week.

Exploring Web3 Possibilities For the Brand

“Black Station” is a 3D space where customers will find limited edition redeemable physical NITRO NFRNO and NITRO Fastroid sneakers accompanied by NFTs. The Mint of Nitropass Collection NFTs started on the 13th of September and will continue until the 4th of October.

The new limited version of the redeemable PUMA Sneakers was unveiled during the New York Fashion Week as part of the “Futrograde show.”

The experience at the show allows Puma clients to enter a hyper-realistic digital lobby space. It has three separate portals showing off Nitro NF RNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers linked to PUMA’s recent NFT Nitro pass mint.

“Twenty years ago, Black Station was PUMA’s home for our most innovative designs in fashion,” said Adam Petrick, PUMA’s Chief Brand Officer.

According to Petrick, the company has been pushing the product design and digital standpoint and found it appropriate to launch Black Station for their customer’s digital exploration.

PUMA Joins Other Fashion Labels

PUMA joins Prada (OTC:), American Eagle (NYSE:), and Tommy Hilfiger as the latest brands in the fashion retail industry to include Metaverse and related technologies. Other big fashion brands are also testing their ways to the Metaverse.

In 2021, Nike (NYSE:), one of the strongest digital fashion brands in the Metaverse to date – RTFKT Studios, which has a strong presence in the NFT community. The acquisition gave Nike access to a premier digital fashion brand and the metaverse-ready CloneX avatars.

Louis Vuitton released Louis The Game, a puzzle adventure game in which players could collect NFTs. It marked the company’s first very serious efforts into the Metaverse.

Adidas (OTC:) acquired land inside the virtual world of The Sandbox and launched an NFT collection in collaboration with Punks Comics, Gmoney, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

On the Flipside

  • PUMA has been exploring web3 possibilities for a while. The company switched its official Twitter (NYSE:) account to Puma.eth earlier this year and reserved the ENS domain for six months until October 2022.
  • Puma has already started building an impressive crypto portfolio. Apart from 17 NFTs from well-known projects in Puma’s portfolio, the company wallet also holds about $27,449 worth of .

Why You Should Care

The “Black Station” project marks Puma’s brand’s attempts to capture the attention of the NFT community and expand its marketing efforts toward the Metaverse. Fashion brands are trying out the Metaverse space, as according to some predictions, digital spaces will become the future of fashion .

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