GCC’s first ever fashion, lifestyle ‘phygital’ store opens

Abu Dhabi: The GCC’s leading fashion eCommerce destination, has opened the region’s first-ever phygital (physical plus digital) store in Dubai Hills Mall on Friday. is located on the ground floor of Dubai Hills Mall, fitted with 38 tablets and 7 fitting rooms. Customers are assisted through the unique shopping experience by ten fashion advisors on the floor. is owned by Apparel Group, the global fashion retail group headquartered in Dubai.

The store, in Dubai Hills Mall, is characterized by providing customers with a comprehensive experience integrated with the advantages of shopping, whether online or in-store.

The store offers shoppers an immersive interactive shopping experience with access to over 20,000+ styles, unlike traditional retail stores which can display only 1000+ styles. Dubai store. Photo: Twitter

The phygital store holds seven times the inventory of a regular store, with almost every brand the app has available in the UAE such as Birkenstock, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Crocs, Levi’s, Skechers, Adidas, Nike, Dune London, Aldo, Toms and more.

The Phygital Store, which works with the best innovative technology, and indicates a brilliant future in the retail field, provides quality experiences that combine digital and traditional shopping together.

It is noteworthy that customers can use tablets to browse, test and add products, as they did while shopping through the application, and the products can also be tried in the designated fitting rooms.

Photo: Twitter

The interactive screen allows customers to exchange volumes, request assistance and select purchases, and customers can touch and feel products amid social and enjoyable shopping experiences without any challenges or obstacles they may face such as long shipping times, limited stock in the store or waiting in checkout lines.

“We were thinking of creating a ‘wow’ experience for our customers when we realised that there are certain elements, like the touch and feel and the instant gratification of shopping, that are only available offline should surely be incorporated,” said Dharmin Ved, CEO of 6thStreet. was also the first in the region to introduce Live Shopping, where shoppers can directly interact with their favorite ‘influencers’ and buy their recommendations in real-time.

Another offering on the app is the SuperStars tab, which is the central theme of the platform. Through the SuperStars tab, shoppers can get access to product recommendations from 600+ top influencers from the region through a social-commerce-enabled experience.


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