Husson Football wins first game of the season in dramatic fashion

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Husson Football took on Alfred for a week three matchup on Saturday.

The Eagles came in looking for their first win of the year.

Husson jumped on the board first thanks to a 33-yard field goal by Aaron Paradis with 1:50 remaining in the first.

Alfred then took the lead at the start of the second quarter off a 1-yard touchdown run by Jimmy Brush.

In the middle of the second quarter Husson was down by 7, a pinpoint passing game drove them down the field.

With only few seconds left in the half Husson Quarterback Nic Visser threw a two-yard strike to his tight end Cullen Casey to level the game at 10.

Husson started the third with a 20-yard scamper by receiver Jon Bell.

An Alfred defenseman who made the tackle on Bell was called for targeting leading to his disqualification from the game.

With pressure mounting, the visitors stood tall and kept Husson out of the endzone. The score remained 10-10 by the end of the third quarter.

Husson began the 4th with a bang.

Visser launched a rocket down the right side of the field and found his man Jon Bell for a 64-yard touchdown. The Eagles took the lead 17-10.

With 7 minutes left in the contest Husson gave the ball to Elijah Garnett who coughed up the football, but a closer look shows he very well may have been down before losing control of the ball.

Alfred took this turning point and marched down the field to once again level the game at 17 all.

With just over 3 minutes left in a tied ballgame it was the kind of situation every football player lives for.

“You know, we saw them score and instantly everybody’s thinking, you know, this is what we play football for. Just like you said, we’ve been dreaming of these moments since we were five years old, six years old throwing the ball in the backyard and it’s a dream to get the ball with that much time left and get a chance to go and win the game for your boys. And I just remember we got in that huddle, and we say, You know what, man if we block this up, right, this is the game right here. Let’s go,” said Junior Quarterback Nic Visser.

Husson marched down the field bleeding the clock in a methodic drive.

With the clock showing just under a minute to play Husson handed the ball back to Garnett and no one could stop him.

His touchdown capped off a 133-yard rushing performance on the afternoon.

The celebrations were brief as Alfred blocked the PAT leading to a 23-17 score line.

Now with the chance to win the game the Alfred offense trotted out with just under a minute.

With a shot down field Parker Lafrance of the Eagle’s secondary called game as he picked off the visiting quarterback.

Husson walks away victorious for the first time of the year in dramatic fashion.

“It was amazing as a bit of relief and now it’s like now that we found our identity, you know, just keep pushing forward,” said Sophomore running back Elijah Garnett.

“Week by week. You know, like I said, we’ve got, we’re not young, but we’ve got some inexperience and so we’re gaining it each week. And I think that’s just really important. It’s a process. You know, it’s week by week and we want to be great at the end of the year and I think we’re gonna be,” said Head Coach Nat Clark.

Next week Husson travels to Massachusetts to take on Springfield College.

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