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I’m a plus sized fashion fan and spent over £500 on Shein bargains – the results were hit and miss

A PLUS sized fashion fan forked out over £500 on clothes from bargain brand Shein in a bid to revamp her style.

The fashion lover found some great new looks, but not everything was a winner.


The fashion fan tried on piles of clothes with the results beinghit and missCredit: TikTok/@heyitsjennlynne

She shared the haul on her TikTok account @heyitsjennlynne and viewers were amazed by the amount she bought.

Jenn, 27, said: “The reason I placed this gigantic order is because I recently realised that all of my clothes were things I bought simply because they fit me and weren’t a ridiculous amount of money.”

So in a bid to find some styles that she really loved Jenn went all out on her Shein order.

The first things she showed off was a basic loungewear set in grey, which she said she’ll wear to work for home.

“It’s definitely a thinner material but I think that will be good for the summer,” she said.

Next up was a cute mini dress, but the fashionista thought it might be too short to wear to work, especially after a few washes.

She had issues with the second dress too, which had cups sewn in the bust, but they were in the totally wrong place.

Jenn explained: “In order to get it underneath them I have to pull it down and then when I do that there’s way too much cleavage showing.”

Luckily by the third dress things were fitting better as Jenn tried on a flowy midi dress with a simple floral design.

She said: “It’s got a nice little slit, I like the back but it’s very comfortable and cute, I’m definitely keeping this one.”

Jenn was on a roll as she donned another dress, this time with puffy sleeves and a square neckline.

“I think it would be cute for a little work dress, it’s very lightweight, comfortable and flowy,” she said.

Then she took it back to basics with another lounge set, which she sized up in to a XXXXL.

The tie-dye set looked great on the fashion lover and would be perfect to wear around at home.

After that Jenn tried on another dress, this time with pockets.

The skater style flattered her figure perfectly and would be great to wear with tights in the colder months.

She said: “The fabric is very soft, I do like that it’s not the super thin usual Shein fabric, it’s a little thicker.”

Jenn added a further 10 dresses to her wardrobe before moving on to more lounge sets, some basic t-shirts and finally, some new jeans.

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“Usually trying on jeans is an absolute nightmare, but for the first time in my life I actually think that these jeans are too big,” she explained.

The stretchy jeans looked stunning of the plus-sized style lover, who said she might keep the jeans anyway in case they shrink in the washing machine.

The flowy midi dress looked stunning


The flowy midi dress looked stunningCredit: TikTok/@heyitsjennlynne
The bra cups were too awkwardly shaped for Jenn's liking


The bra cups were too awkwardly shaped for Jenn’s likingCredit: TikTok/@heyitsjennlynne
The lounge sets were perfect for working from home


The lounge sets were perfect for working from homeCredit: TikTok/@heyitsjennlynne
Jenn bought 15 new dresses, numerous lounge sets, t-shirts and jeans


Jenn bought 15 new dresses, numerous lounge sets, t-shirts and jeansCredit: TikTok/@heyitsjennlynne

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