Amazfit watch faces: download 82 customizations for free

Do you want to give your Amazfit a new look? You’re in luck, as we’ve selected some of the best customizations you can apply.

Amazfit devices are very useful, especially in everything related to health, due to all their functionalities. However, one of the issues that most goes unnoticed about these is the possibility of customize your watchface a bit so that it has a unique appearance and not the default one that comes with the equipment.

However, if you are one of those enjoy modifying and tinkering with your devices to give them a unique appearance, you should know that you can find many types of customizations on the internet that you can apply to the Amazfit. Although if you want to complete the modification of your computers, you can also learn to customize Windows in a simple way.

But with the intention of saving you a little time, we have taken care of selecting a large list of 82 customizations that you can download and apply to your Amazfit. In this way, you will have a unique device that suits your tastes. Whether you prefer a more classic, modern and even futuristic style.

Customizations for your Amazfit that you must try

Discover more than 80 customizations that you can download for your Amazfit

Amazfit devices are some of the most popular smartwatches today, as they usually have a good value for money. Although, obviously it is not limited to this type of equipment, but you can find bracelets with a physical activity meter and much more.

So, if you’ve got one of these devices, but you want to change its appearance or watchface, you’re in luck, because in the next few lines we’ll show you a list of up to 82 customizations that you can quickly download and apply them. Everything safely and without wasting time.

  • Almost_Retro: This design retains the classic style of Casio watches.
  • SpaceWF: This design has been inspired by outer space.
  • hello watch face: This design stands out for its colorful style.
  • Colorful Minimal: If you like rainbow designs, this is the best option.
  • Omega_BIP: This design stands out for its black and gold colors and its analog-type watch style.
  • Stock beep or analog: This design applies an Apple-like style.
  • colorful numbers this design changes the style of the watchface for one full of colors and lots of neon light.
  • Weather Land Update For fans of pixelated landscape design, this is a good option.
  • Minimalist: If you are looking for a minimalist style, this is your best option.
  • COMIK NO 4PDA: for those of you who want to have a comic style design.*COMIK NO 4PDA: With this design you will have a style similar to that of Windows 98.
  • Saturn Color: This one has a more futuristic design where you can see the planet Saturn.
  • Nokia: for the most nostalgic, we have this design that reminds us of the brand’s mobiles of yesteryear.
  • Cyanogene: This is one of the most beautiful and lively, but this results in higher energy consumption.
  • 3 Circles EN, GR: This design is quite attractive and you can find it in various shades.
  • EVO-5: This design has a line with neon colors. It is very attractive to look at.
  • sunset mountains: another style with a minimalist finish, but inspired by nature.
  • blue flower digital: This watchface has a very particular but innovative design, featuring a flower.
  • PROJECT_16: for those who prefer a more elegant and fashionable style.
  • mlvdesign-face2-sport: If you have an Amazfit GTR then you should apply this layout.
  • Q version astronaut – jai_xie: If you are looking for an anime style design, then it is one of the best options.
  • amazfit prof 2021: It is a good option for lovers of elegance.
  • KD Watch blue: An excellent option if you like smart designs and a simple finish.
  • squid game: If you are a fan of the squid game, this watchface is ideal for you.
  • Gts 1 mod gts 2 standard: This dial features a very elegant and innovative design.
  • neon style: if what you are looking for is a colorful and youthful watchface, this is a good option.
  • Helvetia GTS-2: a characteristic style for its practical functionality.
  • iwc white version2: This dial offers a very traditional analog model.
  • digital classic: If you are looking for a monochrome design, this is a great option.
  • GTR2-MD221: sphere of digital interface and minimalist design.
  • pipboy3000: if you are gamers, you will love this sphere.
  • triplex: This watchface is sophisticated and ideal for casual and elegant events.
  • casio round: This compass type dial is innovative and different.
  • plain orange: Sophisticated dial, but with a minimalist finish.
  • light: If you are looking for a green color design, this watchaface is perfect.
  • ANDILDIGITAL: It is a very modern and elegant dial.
  • Hokusai – The Great Wave: a classic style and with large numbers.
  • plain 4: If what you are looking for is a watch face that consumes little battery, this model is the one for you.
  • 25-10_NEON– This design features neon lights and an awesome wolf.
  • pokemonbattle: This watchface is inspired by the theme of Pokemon.
  • SpiderGTS: ideal sphere for the Spider-Man fanatic.
  • rolex_gansa: This watchface has an analog interface.
  • Binary Style: If you are looking for something innovative and unique, this sphere is an excellent option.
  • Black Gold: It is one of the best options when it comes to elegance.
  • IWF V26.2 Windy’s Series: features an unrivaled and refined design.
  • Circle: if you are looking for a modern and elegant design, this will fascinate you.
  • TIME: It has a classic style and very practical.
  • digital_watches: if you are looking for a classic but innovative design, this is a good option.
  • Aga_wf_redpulse: for fans of the traditional.
  • Garmin Instinct: It is ideal for the Amazfit T-Rex due to its characteristic style.
  • Tern_3: If you are looking for a military style, this watchface is perfect.
  • Orange and Green: designed with orange and green colors offering a youthful style.
  • Racetrack_hun: It is a fantastic sphere for athletes.
  • MD188 (MOD): for lovers of simplicity.
  • Military Beige T-Rex: This watchface features beautiful aesthetics and vintage style.
  • 75Krystek: minimalist dial with neon lights. Very futuristic aesthetic.
  • LOCKDOWN TREX PRO: If you are looking for a sober watchface, this is perfect.
  • Fruit Faces: This watchface has analog style and fruit color design.
  • Blue from teacher: With a modern style you will feel when using this sphere.
  • Pick_Of_Destiny– If you’re looking for trendy and futuristic designs, this dial is a great choice.
  • Matrix2: If you are a fan of the Matrix movie theme, this watchface is for you.
  • Thom_Browne_v.2_White: This sphere has a minimalist and sober design.
  • FUTURA-RED: If you are looking for a minimalist watchface, this is perfect.
  • COM-D Google fit Pace: This is a very bright sphere.
  • COM-D Sporty White: It is a sports sphere, indicated for exercising.
  • T-Rex Watch– The design of this dial will create the illusion of resembling the Amazfit T-Rex.
  • LCD-15: if you are looking for a retro design with this sphere you will get it.
  • blue race: it is a dial that stands out for its elegance.
  • Z5TEVE WATCH: watchface with sophisticated and innovative style.
  • omega_moonwatch_gold– This analog dial offers a sleek and simple look.
  • android wear: if you are looking for an elegant watchface, this is ideal.
  • Mickey Mouse Disney: This sphere is designed with the theme of Micky Mouse.
  • Yin Yang: draws attention for its image of yin and yang.
  • Tang: This sphere offers a lot of style and modernity.
  • COM-D Worn: If you want to give your watch an urabno touch, this is the one.
  • game pad: It is an excellent sphere for gamers.
  • Vm_379_V: if you love colors, this watchface is the one because it includes all of the rainbow.
  • KURANTY: This dial offers a traditional design.
  • Student: a good choice for students.
  • verge wallpaper: This sphere presents a beautiful landscape inside.
  • LXG10: ideal for those looking for a refined and contemporary style.
  • Pro_89_V: This watchface is very fashionable and practical.

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