What is a fascinator? Jill Biden receives backlash for fashion faux pas at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

American President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden arrived at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday to pay their respects to Britain’s longest reigning monarch, late Queen Elizabeth II.

The couple sported standard black mourning outfits, with Joe wearing a black suit and Jill donning a black Schiaparelli bespoke suit with a fascinator.

Fascinators are a kind of head accessory, mostly worn at joyous events like weddings and other festivities.

Viewers around the world noticed the fashion slip-up and slammed Jill Biden for not wearing a hat, a more appropriate head accessory for the Queen’s funeral.

Jill Biden chose to wear a fascinator instead of a hat at the Queen’s funeral

Jill Biden wore a black bow hair band on her head during the royal funeral. The bow is categorized as a fascinator, a head accessory typically worn on joyous oocasions in Britain.

According to Fascinator Directs, the headpiece is often worn by women “attending formal occasions such as weddings, events and races. It is essentially a decorative headpiece that covers less area when compared to a hat. Meanwhile, hats are regarded as a more respectable head worn accessories at somber events, like funerals.

The 71-year-old decided to keep it light with her dainty headpiece.

On Sunday, the President of America and his spouse signed the Official Condolence Book for the late monarch. Joe shared a story from the time he first met the queen and wrote:

“Today Jill and I signed the Official Condolence Book for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We first met the Queen in 1982, and will always remember her kindness and hospitality. Her legacy will loom large in the pages of British history, and in the story of our world.”

First Lady Jill Biden wrote:

“Queen Elizabeth II lived her life for the people she served with wisdom and grace. We will never forget her warmth, kindness, and the conversations we shared. May God grant her eternal rest.”

Internet users criticize Jill Biden for her fashion choice

Many users felt that Jill Biden’s headpiece was inappropriate for the occasion. They took to Twitter to voice their disagreement with American First Lady’s choice.

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