Always and Nasiba Hafiz Launch the World’s ‘Coolest’ Fashion Collection in the Hottest Place on Earth

Always has teamed up with Saudi fashion designer Nasiba Hafiz to launch a heat-resistant fashion collection in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where temperatures often soar above 45 °C (113 °F) in summer.

To beat the heat in style, Always x Nasiba Hafiz have unveiled The Not Hot Collection – the world’s first designer period wear inspired by Always Cool & Dry, a product that keeps women feeling cool on their periods by keeping moisture away from their skin.

Hafiz is one of Saudi Arabia’s most progressive fashion designers whose daring fabrics, vibrant colours and delicate tailoring are changing the way the world sees Saudi fashion. Flowing, comfortable and timeless, her clothes are created with the region’s intense heat and humidity in mind, making her the perfect collaborator for the Not Hot Collection.

The collection is made using Cool & Dry performance fabric, and features the same soft, tactile mini perforations as the surface of the Always Cool & Dry pad to keep moisture and heat away from skin.

“I was really inspired by the technology of Always Cool & Dry to create this collection, which is perfect for Saudi women living in one of the hottest parts of the world. The pad only covers part of our bodies, but what about the rest of your skin?” explains Nasiba.

“The whole purpose of this collection is to use a fabric that has the same functions of the Cool & Dry pad so that women can feel super comfortable, even at that time of the month when they’re not feeling comfortable. I hope it will start a conversation about looking and feeling good in the heat, especially on our period.”

The Not Hot Collection features pops of colour, breezy shapes, and lightweight layers. It marries style with function: think bike shorts that sit beneath a flowy dress, fusing comfort with femininity; or driving gloves that protect against searing-hot steering wheels – all the essentials that women in the Gulf need to not be hot on the hottest days of the year.

Sonali Dhawan, senior vice president of P&G Asia Pacific, India, Middle East & Africa’s Feminine Hygiene business adds, “We’re happy with our collaboration with Nasiba Hafiz to launch the ‘Not Hot’ fashion collection, demonstrating the cooling and protection technology of our Always Cool & Dry pads in a new fashionable Gen Z way. We’re always keen to unleash the full potential of the strong brave women in our region through products and collaborations that unleash girls’ and women’s confidence so they can be whoever they want to be, in any circumstance: why can’t women look cool and comfortable in any season, or at any time of the month?”

In Saudi Arabia, summers are notoriously intense with daytime temperatures exceeding 100 °F (38 °C) from June to August in almost all of the country – and that’s in the shade. In the desert, temperatures frequently rise as high as 130 °F (55 °C) in summer.

Natasha Maasri, executive creative director at Leo Burnett Lebanon, says, “Maybe fashion shouldn’t always focus on what’s ‘cool’. Together with Always, we challenged one of Saudi Arabia’s most talented designers to rewrite the rules of fashion with a line of period wear that’s created with intense heat in mind. Changing perceptions of Saudi fashion was also a huge part of what made this project so inspiring for us.”

Always x Nasiba Hafiz’s Not Hot Collection is selling via a pop-up concept store in Jeddah and via here.


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