Kolkata Teen With Down Syndrome Designs Clothes For Fashion Show, Gets Standing Ovation

As Durga Puja is just around the corner, it’s time for fashion shows to steal the limelight in Kolkata. As Zink London summer fashion show projected their showstopper, it turned heads and for good reason. Anushka Niara Mitter, 17, who has Down Syndrome, walked the ramp with her father in clothes she designed herself. Niara designed the summer sketchbook collection for the Zink fashion show. She designed unique outfits with floral designs and all the models showcased her work.

This is not the first time that Niara’s talents have been publicly recognised. Two years ago, she had her own painting exhibition in Mumbai. Diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, Niara only talks to her mother and stays in her own world of paintings.

When the fashion show was about to start, Niara was busy painting flowers on her notebook. Speaking to News18, her father Ananjan Mitter said, “She loves to paint. Her strokes are different; we were discussing her painting with our friend Malini, who is the owner of Zink Fashion. Malini approached us and said she wanted to take her designs and launch a collection called Niara Collection. We told Niara, she was happy. That’s how things started. She made all those designs. We are overwhelmed today. “

With different strokes of blue and white mixing together, Niara indeed created a unique collection. When she took the ramp as show-stopper, she got a standing ovation from the audience. Her mother Nilima Mitter said, “She is a very special child. She has been giving back to society for 10 years. Today she was in awe when she saw all the models wearing her designs. We hope that she will be able to build a career around this, as she really enjoys painting.”

Zink group plans to launch Niara’s designs in the form of “Niara Collection”. Malini, owner of Zink, said, “Niara is very talented; that’s why we collaborated with her. This show was a major one and we are already getting good feedback . This has also given a special identity to her and we too are happy.”

The isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic has led for Niara to be less inclined in talking to people.
Her family hopes that she might be able to talk to more people. They know she is special. Apart from her paintings, Niara also writes her own poems:

“Love can spread all around the world
More you love
The more
The world loves us.”

She has made her own Facebook page for her art and plans to take it forward.

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